Wesley Snipes Says More Blade Is A Strong Possibility; Teases Netflix (Video)


A couple of days ago saw Wesley Snipes mention he has been in talks with Marvel for more Blade, and now in the above video mentions a further possibility.

While promoting his latest TV series, The Player, IGN asks Wesley Snipes about more Blade.

“I can break this story right now,” Wesley Snipes said, which looks to be taken as sarcasm. “Marvel and I, Wesley Snipes, have decided to have further conversations doing another Blade.”

Snipes then took a slightly more serious approach continuing: “It’s a topic of conversation. It’s inescapable. They have their agenda. We have ours. We are both moving in an accelerated pace to create magic, so we’ll see if it all matches up. There’s a strong possibility, but if not, we have another project that’s going to rock ’em… that will stand toe-to-toe with Blade.”

With Snipes mentioning another project, he’s asked about having interest playing potential other characters, but is pretty mum.

“Yes, there are, but we’ll leave that for our next meeting,” Snipes said. “We’ll talk about that a little later.”

With Daredevil being such a success, Snipes is asked about the possibility of Blade appearing in some capacity on Netflix, with his answer perhaps hinting that is what the talks are about with Marvel.

“You mean Blade on Netflix without Wesley?” Snipes questioned with a laugh. “It will never work. I can’t see that working at all [laughs].”