Watch: Why Do Marvel Movies Look Ugly?


marvel movies ugly Watch: Why Do Marvel Movies Look Ugly?

What's wrong with Marvel movies?!

Aside from nothing much happening (it's okay that they're popcorn movies! I kid!), do Marvel movies look ugly?

Well, that's what the following video questions as Patrick H Willems put together the following video on YouTube as Patrick has major issues with Marvel's movies including the "generic unmemorable" music scores, and the other which the video covers, being that Marvel's color grading is off — aka Marvel movies look ugly.

Patrick questions why all of Marvel movies "look like muddy concrete" and offers examples from the big Captain America: Civil War tarmac scene to Avengers to Captain America: The Winter Soldier to Doctor Strange.

Regarding what color grading acutally is, it's the digital manipulation of the colors seen on screen. You could say that Marvel movies look a bit flat as opposed to other brightly colored and vibrant films (i.e. Mad Max). The video argues Marvel gets it wrong when it comes to the use of the color black, as their movies don't really feature the color. The use of black causes other colors to stand out, and when black isn't used, the colors look bland next to darker grays.

The video also compares the look of the Marvel movies to comics. Does Patrick have a point? Watch the video to find out.  

Below I took an image still from The Avengers and upped the colors a bit to give Patrick's argument additional merit. I've noticed Marvel isn't the only company to do this as often times when I create an article, I'll mess around with the colors to make the teaser image look more vibrant.

avengers bland Watch: Why Do Marvel Movies Look Ugly?

avengers bright color Watch: Why Do Marvel Movies Look Ugly?