Watch: Top 10 DC Characters Returning in Convergence


DC Comics latest event Convergnece, kicked off with the zero issue, which received mixed reviews online.

Not much really went down to justify the five dollar price tag, but we did get the villain reveal and the motivations behind the series.

Telos (or Braniaic) is bringing back dead worlds and characters and will somehow choose which ones survive. 

So I gathered from that: Say we have 10 versions Superman, only one will make it back to the “real” world. What happens to the other nine? No idea, but starting next week, we’ll begin to find out more.

DC released a video above with the “Top 10 DC Characters Returning In Convergence.”

Convergence is here! Next week, your favorite cities and characters from days past come back with a vengeance in a series of spectacular miniseries revealing what’s taken place in the years—or even decades—since you last saw them. In this exclusive DC All Access clip, we count down our top ten returning characters. So which heroic reunion are you most looking forward to?

Who are you looking forward to seeing?

You can check out the preview for Convergence #1, which hits next Wednesday, as well.