Watch: Star Wars: The Force Awakens Unkar Plutt vs Chewbacca Deleted Scene


chewbacca vs unkar plutt

With the release of the upcoming 3-D Collector’s Edition Blu-ray of Star Wars: The Force Awakens comes a new never-before-seen deleted scene featuring Unkar Plutt and Chewbacca.

Unkar Plutt, played by Simon Pegg, was last seen shouting, “That’s mine!” when Rey, Finn and BB-8 escaped with the Millennium Falcon.

In the deleted scene, Unkar Plutt tracks the Millennium Falcon and catches up with Rey at Maz Kanata’s castle where none other than Chewbacca intervenes. According to EW, more is to be revealed on the Blu-Ray, which doesn’t look good for Plutt! 

Spoilers follow the video if you want to know what happens next.

The Star Wars: The Force Awakens 3-D Collector’s Edition Blu-Ray goes on sale November 15th.


Chebacca rips the arm off of Unkar Plutt and it goes flying and lands on the gambling table where Warwick Davis’ character Wollivan offers a scolding yell.