Watch: Hot Tub Time Machine 2 Super Bowl Spot Makes Fun Of DeflateGate


Check out a Super Bowl spot for Hot Tub Time Machine 2 that mocks “DeflateGate,” which is the controversy surrounding the Patriots vs. Colts game that saw a batch of footballs found with less air than what the NFL requires. Basically what this does is having a softer ball in colder weather gives the team an advantage as it’s easier to grip, catch and throw.

Hot Tub Time Machine 2 has a February 20, 2015 release date directed by Steve Pink starring Craig Robinson, Adam Scott, Rob Corddry, Clark Duke, Gillian Jacobs and Chevy Chase.


When Lou (Rob Corddry) finds himself in trouble, Nick (Craig Robinson) and Jacob (Clark Duke) fire up the hot tub time machine in an attempt to get back to the past. But they inadvertently land in the future with Adam Jr. (Adam Scott). Now they have to alter the future in order to save the past… which is really the present, in the sequel from the same team that brought you the original cult hit.