Watch: Green Lantern Movie CliffNotes



With the Deadpool movie opening this weekend, how about a look back at Ryan Reynolds’ other superhero role with 2011’s Green Lantern?

Check out the video below put together by the JoBlo YouTube channel summarizing the Green Lantern movie in a fun way.

Green Lantern had a budget of around $200 million and brought in just over that with $219 million worldwide.

It’s probably a good thing the movie flopped otherwise Deadpool might not ever have been made.

Green Lantern is getting a reboot in the Batman Vs. Superman universe. A Green Lantern Corps movie has been announced to have a 2020 release date, with the film rumored to be described as a “Lethal Weapon in space” film featuring Hal Jordan and John Stewart. The most current rumor also has Dan Amboyer as playing Hal Jordan.

Following the Green Lantern CliffNotes video, you can also check out probably one of the best scenes of the movie with the Mark Strong post-credit scene.

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