Watch: Behind-The-Scenes Of The Walking Dead Comic Book


Scion, in partnership with Skybound Entertainment, give fans a behind-the-scenes look into the making of the popular comic book series The Walking Dead and Witch Doctor via a video interview with artist Lukas Ketner and creator Robert Kirkman.
“I typically start with the outlines of the largest shapes in the image,” explains Ketner as he illustrates, on camera, Glenn Rhee escaping from a herd of Walkers in a Scion iM. “That starts with the zombie hands in the foreground and moving on to the focal point in the foreground and then moving backwards to really give the environment some flavor and really just try to tie the whole thing together with nice areas with spotted blacks and some nice brushy little fun lines.”

To help welcome the Scion iM to the world, we had Lukas Ketner of Skybound Entertainment create an original image featuring the car during the zombie apocalypse. Ketner is the co-creator of Witch Doctor, the first Skybound Original, and has done the cover art for several issues of The Walking Dead. In this video you can see the behind the scenes process of bringing this vibrant image to life.