Watch: Batman: The Killing Joke Honest Trailer


screen junkies batman killing joke honest trailers Watch: Batman: The Killing Joke Honest Trailer

Was the Batman: The Killing Joke animated movie any good? We’ll let you be the decide of that, but Screen Junkies offers their take on Batman: The Killing Joke in one of their “Honest Trailers.”

You can watch Batman: The Killing Joke on Amazon, and you can find our review here.

Based on the acclaimed graphic novel of the same name, Batman: The Killing Joke takes a journey into the dark psyche of the Clown Prince of Crime – from his humble beginnings as a struggling comedian to his fateful encounter with Batman that changes both of their lives forever. Years later, and now escaped from Arkham Asylum, The Joker devises a plan to prove that one bad day can make anyone as insane as he is – setting his sights on Commissioner Gordon. It’s up to the Dark Knight to put a stop to The Joker’s latest scheme and save one of Gotham City’s finest. Following a gripping prologue introducing Barbara Gordon’s heroic adventures alongside Batman as Batgirl, Batman: The Killing Joke stays true to the authentic tale that has held fans’ imaginations for nearly three decades – spotlighting the birth of a Super-Villain.