The Walking Dead In Trouble?

King Ezekiel Tells AMC To Pay Lauren Cohan; The Walking Dead In Trouble?

Problems with The Walking Dead continue.

Following the poor ratings, cast departures and lawsuits, now it’s learned both Lauren Cohan and Andrew Lincoln no-showed The Walking Dead convention, Walker Stalker Con.

In addition, King Ezekiel actor Khary Payton took to his Instagram page of over 256,000 followers to state, “Pay the woman.”

Khary Payton is referencing reports that Lauren Cohan may be leaving The Walking Dead due to contract issues, which sees the actress getting paid an amount vastly under the other male actors.

While it’s been said Lauren Cohan is in negotiations to sign a new contract and return for The Walking Dead Season 9, she recently signed on for the new ABC pilot, Whiskey Cavalier, which is said to be the reason she missed the Walker Stalker Con because of filming the pilot.

Khary Payton Lauren Cohan Instagram

Regarding Andrew Lincoln, it’s unclear why he missed the Walker Stalker Con as the convention posted the news on their social media pages. The actor also recently discussed leaving the show.

AMC and The Walking Dead have been getting a lot of heat as of late as fans are really unhappy with the direction of the series, which has seen ratings nosedive; the producers and creator Robert Kirkman are suing AMC for alleged monies owed, and Chandler Riggs was said to be fired from the series.

Redditors have also blasted The Walking Dead, and the latest post questions: Aside from The Walking Dead, what television shows hate their audience the most? 

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