The Walking Dead Season 6 Finale: Worst Episode Ever


The Walking Dead definitely deserves a Razzie following tonight’s Season 6 finale.

Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever been trolled as hard as I have in anything I’ve ever come across, and that’s saying a lot.

Long story short: There was no story. Nothing at all happened. There was no resolution. There was no outcome. There was no payoff.

And that’s about it.

Rick and his group get captured. We meet Negan whose dialogue is as decompressed as a Michael Bendis or Matt Fraction comic book. We have to wait through the Super Bowl of commercials, and then when things finally start to get going in the last two or three minutes (1 minute?) of the show, it ends, and we have to wait until October to see what happens (or how about longer? why not stretch out what happened until the mid-season 9 episode? or beyond?). 

The good thing is I’ll never watch another episode of The Walking Dead live again. Fool me once, right? Straight to the DVR is where my future viewings will take place, so I can zip by all the commercials. I figure I can probably start The Walking Dead about 20-25 minutes in and be done by 10pm or so minus all the commercials.

If you haven’t seen this episode, don’t bother.

It’s a colossal disappointment and a huge eyesore on what was probably the best season since Season 1.

Oh, how we miss Frank Darabont.