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Review: Vampirella #4

Review: Vampirella #4

picWriter:  Eric Trautman

Artist: Wagner Reis & Fabniano Neves

Colorist:  Inlight Studio

Publisher:  Dynamite Entertainment

Release Date:  March 16th, 2011


This new series featuring classic bad girl, Vampirella, has thus far been truly impressive. Each issue features up to eight variant covers – each a masterpiece of sexy comics art.  The interior art and coloring are also impressive – bringing the dark, brooding, and excessively violent world of Vampirella to life.  However, I do have one complaint.  I just wish the interior art portrayed Vampi in the same sexy costume as the cover art.  It doesn’t and that’s a bit of a disappointment.

Trautman’s writing is impressive.  His take on Vampirella departs from the classic take – with Vampi’s current characterization likely partially inspired by Kate Beckinsale’s interpretation of the Selene character from the Underworld series of vampire movies.

Vampi’s eternal struggle with Vlad Dracula takes an interesting turn in this installment of the story arc as we learn that Vlad’s army of vampires has been co-opted by an alien and/or supernatural force. 

Vampirella is one of my most highly anticipated monthly comics.  It is consistently one of the better books on the shelves and is highly recommended if you’re not burned out on vampire stories.