Todd Lasance Cast As The Rival In Flash Season 3


todd lasance flash Todd Lasance Cast As The Rival In Flash Season 3

Earlier saw it mistakenly reported that Todd Lasance was cast as Savitar in The Flash Season 3, but now the actual character is made known.

TV Line reports Vampire Diaries‘ Todd Lasance has been cast as The Rival.

Savitar has yet to be cast.

The Rival, in the comics, is primarily a Jay Garrick Flash foe who created a formula to give himself super speed and ended up disappearing into the Speed Force and at times reappearing.

Regarding Savitar, co-showrunner Todd Helbing offered about the character: “Savitar in Hindu means ‘the god of speed,’ and he has this sort of cult-like essence, where he’s sort of like the speed god. But everything about him is different than Zoom or Reverse-Flash. I can’t go into too much detail, but he’s quite a bit different.”

In addition to The Rival and Savitar, other Flash Season 3 baddies include Mirror Master (played by True Blood‘s Grey Damon), Dr. Alchemy (yet to be cast) and Gorilla Grodd.

The Flash Season 3 premiers Tuesday, October 4th at 8pm ET on The CW.