The Flash Reveals Alchemy Identity


the flash alchemy identity

Kevin Smith's "Killer Frost" episode of The Flash didn't disappoint.

Not only did the episode feature the return of Caitlin Snow's evil persona with Killer Frost, but the episode featured a sweet battle between Savitar and The Flash, Wally getting his speed powers, and of course the identity of Alchemy.

Though it was heavily telegraphed, The Flash episode revealed that Tom Felton's Julian is actually Alchemy, but at the same it also opened up a lot of questions.

Killer Frost captured Julian to get him to find Alchemy's followers so she could get Alchemy to take her powers away. The Flash zooms in to stop Caitlin and ends up punching out Julian to keep him quiet. Later at the hospital, Barry asks Julian not to say anything to the police which sees Julian offer Barry a deal: Julian will keep quiet if Barry quits the police force. Barry agrees.

The end of the episode saw someone calling to Julian. At first, I thought it was Alchemy calling to give Julian powers. Julian runs out of the hospital in an attempt to get away from the voice inside his head. He ends up face to face with Savitar! Savitar tells Julian he needs him to become Alchemy as Savitar needs Alchemy's help so he can return.   

"Only together can we help bring about my return," Savitar tells Julian.

My initial reaction to when Julian was in the hospital and first heard Savitar in his head led me to believe that Julian didn't want to become Alchemy, that he was forced to do so. Is Julian actually a meta in another timeline similar to the way he activates the powers of other characters on the show? Is Julian even a meta? We know that Julian is pretty adamant with his hatred for metahumans, so why build an apparent army (or cult following) for Savitar, unless of course he doesn't have a choice (is he faking)? It's my guess that Julian has no metahuman powers (the character doesn't in the comics, and Grant Gustin stated a villain in this season doesn't have meta powers), with Alchemy only using the crystal to activate the metahuman powers in others. 

Savitar also seems to be unlike any of the preceding speedsters on the show. Where's this guy from and who is he?

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