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Thanos Dark & Bloody Scene Cut From Infinity War

Matt McGloin Posted: 08/20/2018 - 18:53 COMMENT
Thanos Scene Dark & Bloody Scene Cut From Infinity War

The Avengers: Infinity War took the world by storm as it not only killed off half the universe, but also took with it, half the Marvel superheroes! Now it's learned a dark and bloody Thanos scene was cut!

MCU popcorn fans were pretty upset with what they witnessed at the hands of the Great Titan!

With The Avengers: Infinity War now out on Blu-Ray, some friends of  mine on social media and my two young nephews said they didn't like the movie!

"They all died!" I snickered and teased! "Ha, ha, ha!"

Of course I said there will be an Avengers 4 and even showed them some of the leaked concept art to quell their fears and discomfort (just wait to they see the next one, eh?!).

Avengers 4


Getting back to Thanos, it's learned originally the young Gamora scene at the end of the movie inside the Soul Stone was going to be a lot darker and actually have them walking on a river of blood, which was a representation of all the people Thanos had killed. Yep! Thanos is one bad dude!

Infinity War Visual Effect superviser Dan DeLeeuwe told Slashfilm in the following video (2:15 mark), "It got a bit dark."

So instead of going with Thanos walking on a river of blood, they decided to explore other options and went with what happened in the final version of the movie.    

I say, they should have kept it in!

Both the writers and directors of Infinity War have said Avengers 4 is better and more shocking, so I wonder what they have in store for the Great Titan next time?

Watch the video showing how Thanos was created for Infinity War

Thanos River Of Blood