‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ Teaser Features Return Of Leatherface on Netflix


Netflix has released a teaser for the new Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie which features the return of Leatherface and is a direct sequel to Tobe Hooper’s original horror classic.

Details include the story for the flick is by Fede Álvarez who is known for the Don’t Breathe movies, the Call TV series, and the 2013 Evil Dead movie, with the story also by Rodo Sayagues, and a script from Chris Thomas Devlin.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre is about a pack of hippies being picked off by a family of cannibals in the wilds of Texas.

“It felt familiar somehow because it took us back to when I did Evil Dead,” Álvarez filled in EW.com. “Me and Rodo really wanted to make sure we don’t disappoint the fans, and we are [among them]. So it’s pretty hardcore. But at the same time it has the simplicity of that first film. We wanted to come up with a very simple premise [with] a powerful domino effect. Everything is set up in the right place — all you have to do is push the first domino and everything will happen effortlessly.”

The new Texas Chainsaw Massacre gets released on Netflix on February 18, 2022 directed by David Blue Garcia, and stars Sarah Yarkin, Elsie Fisher, Nell Hudson, and Jacob Latimore as a group of friends who make the mistake of traveling too far away from the big city.

“The film takes place a long time after the original Texas Chainsaw,” says Eighth Grade star Fisher, who plays Lila, the sister of Yarkin’s character, Melody. “It’s about a group of people who come to this town and things don’t quite go as planned. It mixes a lot of important real-life issues with horror themes, which is always something I love.”

Álvarez adds, “I think the first movie really hit a nerve when portraying that culture clash between the countryside and the city. Back in the ’70s, the hippies were representing the youth of the city. This time, they’re more like millennial hipsters from Austin who are very entrepreneurial and have a dream of getting away from the city and back to the countryside. They’re trying to gentrify small-town America — and let’s just say they encounter some pushback.”

Texas Chainsaw Massacre teaser:

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Leatherface Netflix

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