Terminator “Universe” Said To Be On Hold Indefinitely



With Marvel’s success comes everyone else trying to hop on the bandwagon.

Of course it makes sense for Warner Bros. to do it with their DC properties, but now Transformers is trying to create a shared universe and, up until now, a Terminator Universe was also being planned (both by Paramount, BTW).

Prior to the release of Terminator Genisys, in addition to two more sequels, it was said a Terminator TV series was also being planned.

However, that isn’t the plan anymore.

Terminator Genisys tanked with its release in the U.S. ($27 million opening weekend), and while it did well overseas, it’s said the film will still loose money.

So who’s to blame?

According to THR, it’s 32-year-old billionaire David Ellison, who financed Terminator: Genisys.

According to the report, Ellison offered his “two cents” a bit too much which resulted in a sub par movie. The report notes that this is the current trend in Hollywood (save for Disney) in that studios get outside financing, which in turn sees the financiers (i.e. “producers”) getting directly involved with the movies — resulting in flops.

Another example given is Thomas Thull of Legendary Entertainment who scored success by parterning on the Nolan Batman movies, but ended up losing money on Pacific Rim, with the sequel in question as the release date was recently shelved.

Ryan Kavanaugh is another example given, with it noted his Relativity Media is in bankruptcy. 

The moral of the story seems to be for these billionaires to “put up” and “shut up,” but the report mentions that might be difficult due to their billion dollar egos; so there may very well be a lot more subpar movies on the way.