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Ed Brubaker Joins ‘Batman: Caped Crusader’ Animated Series

Comic book scribe Ed Brubaker joins the creative team on the upcoming Batman: Caped Crusader animated series in development for the HBO Max streaming service. Ed Brubaker is known for writing and co-creating The Winter Soldier which inspired the MCU character and movie, and he also wrote for DC Comics back in the day on […]

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J.J. Abrams, Matt Reeves, Bruce Timm Team For Batman Animated Series

A new Batman: The Caped Crusader animated series is in the works at HBO Max and Cartoon Network from Bruce Timm, J.J. Abrams, and Matt Reeves. Recall that DC insiders filled me in that Abrams and Reeves are involved in a DC reboot. The description for the new animated series offers: Batman: Caped Crusader represents Timm’s return to

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Review: Harley Quinn #0

It only took 16 artists and 2 over the top writers to tell the tale of Harley Quinn in a way that it deserves to be done! Bruce Timm, Jim Lee, Charlie Adlard, Amanda Conner, Art Baltazar, Sam Keith, Adam Hughes, Walter Simonson, Jeremy Roberts, Dave Johnson, Chad Hardin, Tradd Moore, Stephane Roux, Becky Cloonan, Tony S. Daniel and the incomparable Darwyn Cooke, all converge on one of the biggest artistic line-ups ever forged, to help tell the tale of one deranged woman and her penchant for mayhem!

Amanda Conner along with hubby, Jimmy Palmiotti, write a tale that lets the reader see exactly how disturbed our “clown princess” truly is. Not only do they let her break the 4th wall, they let Harley critique the artists renderings, ask for better plot lines and she even gets to attend Amanda and Jimmy’s wedding!

Yes, some fans are going to compare this issue as a Deadpool rip-off, but it is so much better than simply following suit on another book. The inclusion of so many talented artists truly sets this book apart from anything done before. Not only does each artist get to render their own zany version of Harley but Amanda and Jimmy’s critiquing of their work through Harley’s eyes is hysterical. The tale is laced with inside jokes, subtle jabs (sorry Jim Lee) and an overall lack of formality, which is exactly what you should get from a Harley tale! It is quirky and twisted, letting the blood flow on quite a few occasions, but it is also quite thought provoking regarding the way the comic medium sees as the “correct” way to tell a story. This tale isn’t a story that will get you from points A to B in a concise manner. This tale is a whirlwind of ideas that may seem haphazard but in all actuality, comes to an inevitable, logical conclusion. Without the seasoned guidance of Amanda and Jimmy at the helm, it could have come off as just a menagerie of Harley pin-ups instead of an amazing assault of the senses! It is a tale that is unique unto itself and will pleasantly surprise you with how easily you are swept up into the chaos of it all!

If you need something different, something irreverent, something blatantly hysterical — than look no further than this issue! It’s chock full of all the quirkiness and eye catching art you will ever need!

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