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Armie Hammer Batman Cowl and Batcave Revealed

Check out a cool look at what could have been as the Armie Hammer Batman cowl stands revealed from the defunct Justice League Mortal movie as well as the Batcave. Armie Hammer was slated to play the Batman back in 2007/8 for director George Miller where things went so far as filming almost took place

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Armie Hammer Addresses Batman Rumors On Jimmy Fallon

With director Matt Reeves going with a new Dark Knight, Armie Hammer once again addresses the rumors that he is up to play Batman, as the actor appears on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. “This is the thing about rumors. They are all fine. They are all well and good, but none of the

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New Batman Will Be No Rookie

It’s now being claimed that director Matt Reeves is looking for a late 20-something actor to play the new Batman. Following the recent false rumor that Armie Hammer, age 32, was in final talks to play the new Dark Knight, now a report offers that Matt Reeves isn’t looking for actors in their 30s, but

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Armie Hammer Responds To Batman Rumors

Yesterday saw a rumor state that Armie Hammer was in final talks for The Batman, which was quickly shot down by various Hollywood trade reporters, and now the actor responds to the being asked if he wants to play the character again. “No one has ever asked,” Hammer said, who comes off rather agitated by

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Armie Hammer Not In Final Talks For Batman

A rumor surrounding The Batman movie is now debunked as Armie Hammer said to be in final talks for the role is shot down. The info comes from Borys Kit of The Hollywood Reporter who recently tweeted, “I’m not in the business of debunking bunk but considering everyone got in a tizzy over this…there is

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Armie Hammer As Batman In Question

Following the release date and information made known for the Matt Reeves Batman movie, a rumor hit the net offering that Armie Hammer was WB’s top choice to play the younger Bruce Wayne. Hammer was actually up to play Batman in the 2008 defunct George Miller Justice League Mortal movie, but the film was canceled.

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Kit Harington, Armie Hammer Rumored For Batman

Following up on today’s earlier story about the new Batman potentially being different and to keep an open mind, now a list of names to play the new younger Bruce Wayne is rumored. The rumor comes from the Revenge of the Fans podcast who offers that director Matt Reeves is less concerned about the look of

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Jeffrey Dean Morgan Blasts Armie Hammer Over Stan Lee Comments

Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who has made a career out of starring in comic book movies and TV shows, blasts Armie Hammer for his recent comments following the death of Stan Lee. In a delete that has since been deleted, Armie Hammer took to Twitter stating, “So touched by all of the celebrities posting pictures of

Armie Hammer Talks Stealing Justice League Mortal Script & Batman
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Armie Hammer Talks Stealing Justice League Mortal Script & Batman

Recently, Armie Hammer was thought to be appearing in the Justice League movie possibly as Green Lantern–at least that is what a lot of fans were hoping for. Obliviously we all know that didn’t happen, but Armie Hammer was previously set to play Batman in the defunct 2008 Justice League Mortal movie from George Miller. Kevin Smith