Superman Red Son Movie Pitched To WB


superman red son movie

It’s learned a Superman movie based on Mark Millar’s Red Son graphic novel has been pitched to WB brass.

Kong: Skull Island director Jordan Vogt-Roberts‏ took to Twitter to explain that he pitched WB the idea of a Superman Red Son movie and not vice-versa.

What’s interesting about the pitch is that it would obviously be a standalone Superman movie set outside of the DCEU.

The Superman Red Son story was published under DC Comics’ “Elseworlds” format, which sees Superman’s rocket ship land in Russia instead of Kansas, so the Man of Steel becomes a champion for Communism instead of the United States.

I know Henry Cavill studied up on Red Son while preparing for Man of Steel. I actually wouldn’t mind seeing a different take on Superman on the big screen in an Elseworlds format in one-off standalone movies.

Just think, we could have different versions of DC’s popular characters all in different sorts of movies. We’d have the main Justice League DCEU films, but WB would also be putting out Elseworlds movies at the same time. It could actually be possible to have yearly Superman or Batman movies. 

The obvious issue would be to get it through to the general public that all the different movies aren’t connected (or are they? Crisis, anyone?), but WB could use some sort of brand differentiation such as “Elseworlds” or what have you. I also hope it would use the same actors as the DCEU.

As of now it sounds like more idea than reality, but at least it’s being talked about.