Super Hero Squad Online: Update For March 17, 2012: Captain America


Squaddies Assemble!

By: Chris “DOC” Bushley


[[wysiwyg_imageupload:938:]]With The Avengers movie approaching ever closer and a brand new comic on the shelves — Avengers Assemble, was there any question that the latest character to be released for Super Hero Squad Online would be the first Avenger! That’s right, the newest character is none other than — Captain America, Super Soldier! Draped in his WWII fighting uniform, pretty much the same one from the Captain America movie, you can now take the fight to the frontlines for a mere 600 gold! 

But having Cap join the ranks of your squad isn’t the only update for this week! S.H.S.O. has also released two new card quests that revolve around yet another classic Avenger — the Scarlett Witch! Each quest will set you back 200 gold, but it’s well worth it if you are looking to acquire some magic based cards for your decks!

But the best news from S.H.S.O. are the upcoming teasers they are sending to us! Coming soon, two more Avengers will be released to fans and they are amazing! First up will be everyone’s favorite archer — Hawkeye! Now you can take out a bevy of villains with a quiver of trick arrows! Secondly, we will see one of the most nostalgic characters come to the gaming world — ever! The original Iron Man suit, Iron Man MK I, will crash onto the screen in the upcoming months! And there is even more! The new loading screen also teases Scott Lang Ant-Man and everyone’s favorite android — the Vision! 

As releases continue, I will have full reports as to when and how you can grab all the latest updates for a great game that helps bring comic memories for parents and children alike! It’s Hero Up Time!