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Stephen King’s new short story, “Batman and Robin have an altercation,” will debut from Harper’s Magazine on 8/28/12!


The September issue of Harper’s Magazine, hitting shelves on 8/28/12, will feature a brand new short story from the “master of horror” — Stephen King! Although the tale is titled, “Batman and Robin have an altercation,” it has nothing to do with the “Dynamic Duo” in any way. Rather, it is about a middle-aged man dealing with his Alzheimer’s afflicted father. 

For three years, Sanderson has taken his father to lunch every week, to the same place and has had the same exact conversation. Until one day, while being brutally assaulted, Sanderson is saved by his father. A single moment of clarity after years of confusion, one that might change reality as they both know it!

Though the issue doesn’t hit shelves for five more days, you can subscribe to Harper’s Magazine and read it now! But, if you want a little more information before you buy, here is an excerpt for your viewing pleasure. Courtesy of Harper’s Magazine.

Batman and Robin have an altercation

By Stephen King

Sanderson sees his father twice a week. On Wednesday evenings, after he closes the jewelry store his parents opened long ago, he drives the three miles to Crackerjack Manor and sees Pop there, usually in the common room. In his “suite,” if Pop is having a bad day. On most Sundays, Sanderson takes him out to lunch. The facility where Pop is living out his final foggy years is actually called the Harvest Hills Special Care Unit, but to Sanderson, Crackerjack Manor seems more accurate.