Stephen Amell Responds To The Trolls (Video)



Arrow star Stephen Amell runs a popular Facebook page which currently has close to 4 million followers.

The other day saw Amell post a screenshot of a comment that an anonymous person made at a Marvel shill website which saw the person blast Amell for how he runs his page and promotes various things.

This caused his Facebook page to blow up with a show of support for the actor as well as a bit of negativity.

However, Amell’s intentions were only for a little fun as the actor posted the following video on Facebook explaining things.

The trolls really don’t bother Stephen Amell all that much.

Check it out:


What I think of trolls. Tone of voice included!

Few things to understand about me, and if you’ve met me, you’d know this. A. I rarely get mad, B. I find criticism – especially wildly outsized / rambling criticism – wildly entertaining, C. Running my own page allows me to ridicule people who I deem ridicule worthy, D. It’s actually impossible to be an online bully when I’m making fun of an anonymous poster, E. We have one of the most powerful platforms on Facebook. I’ll have a little fun with it, if and when I please. xo

Posted by Stephen Amell on Thursday, July 23, 2015