Stephen Amell Responds To Being Called An F’n Idiot Over Arrow Season 4


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It might be a good thing that Memorial Day weekend is here, so we can all have a few Stone Colds and let loose some steam.

This past week has seen the internet become a powder keg due to various events, including Captain America and even the Arrow Season 4 finale, which saw Oliver’s friends leave except for Felicity, who many fans can’t stand (it probably didn’t help that Felicity “told the fans” she isn’t going anywhere).

A fan took to Stephen Amell’s Facebook page to blast the actor for reported hypocritical remarks, which has caused Amell to respond.

Amell’s remarks/meme:

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The fan’s response to those remarks:

Amell with all due respect this is hypocritical and asinine at it’s best, I’ve watched Arrow since it’s pilot, watched countless reruns on Netflix and have defended the show when nobody or very few of the fans would, then you say the ONE thing that’s killed this show and that the ONE thing fans have hated since S3 we have to LIKE in order to be fans of the show? Or just to watch Arrow? Sorry Sir but you’re a f–king idiot

Stephen Amell’s response:

I disagree. For starters, I wasn’t responding to the dislike of one particular thing on the show. I was discussing one platform and how anonymity makes people cyber brave. You don’t have to like or dislike any one thing to be a fan of the show. But some of the criticism and vitriol towards fictional characters and the actual people who play them is comically outsized. I do enjoy an apology though before being called a f—ing idiot. And because you put your name on it… I give it serious consideration. Hope you can see my comments in the broader context Jacob.

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