Stan Lee Regrets One Thing About His Deadpool Cameo



Spoilers follow for Deadpool.


Stan Lee proves he’s more “The Man” than ever in his latest cameo for the Deadpool movie in which he plays an emcee inside a strip club.

While for some that may not sound like a cameo worthy of the creator of Spider-Man, it is Deadpool we are talking about here, but Stan does regret one thing.

“I wish I had spent more time in the strip club,” Lee told at The Big Bang Theory’s 200th episode celebration. “They had me in and out too quickly,” Lee joked.

Stan Lee continued with mention about appearing in the Marvel movies.

“If it’s a Marvel movie, I’m there for it,” Stan Lee said. “Whenever a new movie comes out, I hope they’ll have a spot for me. I get such a kick out of doing it. The fans seem to like it. I’m going to tell you a secret, here’s the reason the movies make so much money: My cameo. A man takes a girl to the movie, right? They’re watching the movie and they bend down to get some popcorn. In so doing, they miss my cameo. Now the movie ends, and they say, ‘My God, we missed Stan’s cameo!’ So what do they do? They run to the box office and buy two more tickets and see it again. That’s why the movies do so well, because of my cameos.”

Stan Lee can next be seen in May’s Captain America: Civil War and X-Men: Apocalupse and more than likely will be featured in Doctor Strange; James Gunn has already confirmed and written Stan Lee’s cameo for Guardians of the Galaxy 2 as well.

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