Spider-Man Spinoffs Confirmed: Nightwatch Movie Rumored


spider man movie spinoff nightwatch

It’s confirmed that Sony is developing Spider-Man movie spinoffs.

Collider caught up with the chariman of Sony Pictures, Tom Rothman, who offered the following update:

“We’re working on a lot of that stuff,” Rothman said. “There’s a concerted effort, so I think there will be real news as opposed to speculated news before too long.”

Rothman didn’t go into specific details so the Spider-Man spinoffs are unknown. It has been said a Venom movie is possible, and even a Venom and Carnage movie has been rumored. Speaking of rumors, Bleeding Cool is reporting a Nightwatch movie (or at least use of the character) may be happening as reportedly Sony employees are scooping up old copies of the ’90s Nightwatch comics; the character first appeared in an issue of Web of Spider-Man.

It’s also unknown if Kevin Feige or Marvel Studios will be attached to the Spider-Man spinoffs as they are with Spider-Man: Homecoming.

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