Sony Denies Spider-Man Marvel Rumors



Sony has finally commented on the rumors of Spider-Man returning to Marvel.

Earlier, a report surfaced online, which was filled with wild speculation and guess work, stated Spider-Man would be featured in The Avengers: Infinity War – Part 1.

Now Sony is stating it’s an “old rumor” with “no validity whatsoever.”

Following the rumor that was posted earlier today, CBR reached out to Sony who told them the rumor isn’t true.

“A Sony Pictures representative dismissed the report, calling it an ‘old rumor’ with ‘no validity whatsoever,'” CBR reports.

They also state they reached out to Marvel Studios, but haven’t received a reply.

Spider-Man returning to Marvel surfaced with leaked e-mails as a result of a hack attack by North Korea.

The e-mails read that Sony and Marvel had been in talks for Spider-Man to return, but nothing has been confirmed.

Of course, it’s still possible that Spider-Man could return to Marvel, but this is the first time Sony has publicly dismissed the notion.

Furthermore, some leaked e-mails did reveal that Sony executives wanted to keep Spider-Man and not work with Marvel.

Update: A possible Spider-Man Avengers Infinity War teaser has surfaced.