Simu Liu Promises Shang-Chi 2 Is Happening

The actor surprisingly responds to a fan's frustrations on social media, but a sequel seems to be years away.

shang chi 2 happening promises simu liu

Simu Liu responds to a frustrated fan and promises that Shang-Chi 2 is happening.

The fan vented her frustration with the Shang-Chi sequel on Threads, which the actor caught wind of and responded to the fan.

The fan first posted, “I feel like Marvel has abandoned the Shang-Chi fan base. There has been no effort by the studio to get the sequel filming of even include the character in other Marvel films. Frustrating as hell.”

Simu Liu responded encouragingly to the fan, “I proooomiss it’s happening.”


Sequel could be years away

Shang-Chi 2 doesn’t have a release date and recently saw the news announced that director Destin Daniel Cretton bailed on Avengers 5 and he has been named on as the director of Lionsgate’s live-action Naruto movie.

The first Shang-Chi is also one of the worst-performing Marvel movies bringing in only $435 million at the box office, and with the sequel not on the release date schedule, that could mean the sequel won’t get released for at least 6+ years after the first movie, which is unheard of for an MCU property.

However, last month did see Simu Liu confirm Destin Daniel Cretton is still involved with Shang-Chi 2, but again, it seems years away. Speaking with ComicBookdotcom, Liu said the following:

“Oh man, I don’t know, to be hones. I mean, those things are so above my pay grade. I just want to continue to be a fan of it. You know, when I get a call of like, ‘Hey, this is what you’re in, and this is where you’re going to show up. And, this is when you’re going to need to be blacked out for.’ That’s kind of generally what tends to happen. But, you know Destin is such a special filmmaker, and we’re very happy to have him on the sequel. So, he’ll be working on that, and we’re really excited to see what he comes up with. I think he’s going to do a brilliant job.”

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