Brandon Molale In Talks For Shazam


brandon morale shazam Brandon Molale In Talks For Shazam

Brandon Molale might be up to play Shazam opposite Dwayne Johnson's Black Adam.

Brandon Molale has actually been petitioning WB for almost ten years to play Shazam, and now it looks like he might have his chance.

"Today I had the conversation I have been waiting 9 years to have. Call it divine intervention," Brandon Molale tweeted, which was followed by additional Shazam tweets. "Happy New Year 2017! Set your goals and make it happen. Be humble. Work hard."

A pinned tweet also reads: "[Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment, you] can typecast me forever as Shazam. It would be an honor to play Captain Marvel."

Interestingly enough, a video from way back in 2007 at the San Diego Comic-Con features Brandon Molale talking how the role of Shazam could go to either himself or Dwayne Johnson (via reddit). We now know Dwayne Johnson is playing Black Adam, so perhaps Brandon Molale could nab the part of DC's Captain Marvel. At 6'4", the former pro football player definitely looks the part of Shazam!

Brandon Molale is known for roles in Dodgeball, Mr. Deeds, Granite Flats, General Hospital and the Lethal Weapon TV series.   

The Shazam! movie is currently in development for a 2019 release.

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