Shang-Chi Director Shows Off Cast Before Coronavirus


The director of Marvel’s Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, Destin Daniel Cretton, takes to social media to post a pic of the cast before they got shut down by the coronavirus.

Cretton, who recently directed Just Mercy starring Michael B. Jordan, Jamie Foxx and Brie Larson, posted the image on Instagram:

Pre-covid hang with @awkwafina, @simuliu & the legend Tony Leung. This was our last night out before Corona punched the world in the face.

On the far right is Simu Liu who plays Shang-Chi, next to him is Tony Chiu-Wai Leung who plays The Mandarin, followed by Awkwafina who has an unknown role.

Marvel was forced to shut down the filming on Shang-Chi while in Australia, said to be costing Disney upwards of $300,000 a day.

“What a legendary night,” commented Simu Liu.

Shang-Chi cast photo:

Shang-Chi cast

Today, Sunday, also happens to be Simu Liu’s birthday who posted on Instagram:


OKAY I’ll do a serious one… — I’m not gonna lie, it’s weird to be celebrating a birthday during times like these. Sometimes it’s easy to be brought down by the news of this coronavirus that’s killed hundreds of thousands of people around the world, and another virus of hate and prejudice that seems to follow in its wake. In these past few weeks I’ve felt anger, resentment and everything in between towards myself, those around me, and just the entire world. It seemed that everything I posted, no matter its intention, would always attract hateful messages and rhetoric from awful, miserable people. To be honest, it was difficult to keep the hope alive – but you guys brought it back for me in a HUGE way. In the days leading up to my birthday I asked many of your for your help in supporting either my home hospital system in Mississauga or another one of your choice. The response was OVERWHELMING; over Facebook and Instagram we raised over $10,000 collectively for hospitals around the world, and I’ve made it a point to MATCH that number, to be spread amongst different hospitals and non-profits. I know others have given more, but for this Canadian newbie without a job, it’s a pretty sizeable chunk of change! There is plenty of joy and compassion left in this world, and you guys have helped me see that. I’ve been absolutely swamped with birthday messages and deliveries of presents, boba and cake (oh how well you know me), and I’m so, so grateful to have you all in my life. Maybe this isn’t a celebration of today necessarily, but a celebration of the friends and family we all hold dear in our hearts to get us through troubled waters. Let’s connect with each other and show compassion. Let’s stand together against hate and prejudice. Let’s step up and do what we can to get each other through this. It’s been a crazy 30, but I can’t wait for 31.

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Awkwafina also posted about the coronavirus three weeks ago on Instagram:

Have been away working for the past few months in all of this devastation, and wanted to make double sure I was OK to travel before coming back home to the US.
Haven’t said much about this whole thing because mostly I am just saddened by it. I worry for those who are most at risk for serious illness, the elderly and those with pre-existing conditions. I am saddened by the rhetoric that has come out of this, and the cruelty that came as a result. I hope that while we self isolate and socially distance to stay safe, we also stay sane and calm. Wishing everyone a sense of peace during this batshit crazy time – I will be locking myself up for the next 2 weeks rewatching the Tiger King. Love you all


Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings has a new release date of May 7, 2021.