Rippaverse: ISOM #2 Closing In On $1.5 Million

Eric July is back with the highly anticipated second installment.

Eric July is back with the highly anticipated second installment.

Rippaverse: ISOM #2 Closing In On $1.5 Million

The Rippaverse has launched the campaign for the highly anticipated graphic novel ISOM #2 which is already approaching $1.5 million in presales.

The campaign follows the successful launch of the first issue which brought in over $3.7 million.

ISOM follows Avery – a Texas rancher forced to put his hero suit back on – as he navigates a world of danger and intrigue…and he isn’t alone.

“With stunning artwork by Cliff Richards, coloring by Gabe Eltaeb, lettering by Eric Weathers, and a gripping storyline by Eric July, this graphic novel is a must-read for fans of the traditional superhero genre,” offers the Rippaverse. “You’ll be hooked on the action-packed story from the first page to the last.”

ISOM #2 can be ordered through and is a 112-page book with covers from Ternion (Cover A), Ethan Van Sciver (Cover B), and Shane Davis (Foil Cover C). Check out a preview below.

Eric July has also announced ISOM #2 will be made available for comic book retailers.

“On our website, we added a retailer portal that’s specifically for your local comic book shop so what they can do is go to They can go right there, they can submit us all their information, we will then send them their login and it’s easy for them to just order however many books they want,” July announced on his YouTube channel.

What is the Rippaverse?

Per the website:

This comic book company was not created at random. Our founder (Eric July) had been rooted in the culture of American comic books since he was a youngster and being a creative in the industry was always a dream of his. But the unfortunate state of the industry gave him the push that he needed to give it a shot. We’ve seen what works, and we’ve certainly seen what NOT to do. Rippaverse Comics is the product of a comic book guy that still believes the magic of the culture. With that being said, we are guided by a set of principles that remain the staple of this company.

Watch the trailer:

Isom #2 Animation Trailer | Rippaverse Studios

ISOM #2 preview:

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isom 2 111 campaign 671x1024 1
isom 2 69 campaign 668x1024 1

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