Review: Worlds Finest #1


DC’s “second wave” hits the stands today! Although not as grand as the first time around, this second set of the New 52 definitely has some shinning stars! The first of which — Worlds’ Finest

Now, even before this series launched, George Perez had been getting some pretty heated fan response to his renderings of “Power Girl.” Once you read this, I hope all of your reservations can be put aside. DC has been letting you know that this “Huntress” and “Power Girl” are not ones you are familiar with, believe me — it’s true!

I do not want to spoil anything that Paul Levitz has created here, and it is very difficult to do a review that can entice you to check out this book without blathering on and on about the story. So, I will try and keep it brief, yet, exciting!

Hailing from the pages of Earth 2, also on sale today, two heroines escape from a devastated planet only to awaken in one similar, but not their own! They change their identities in order to better conform to their new world and set off to fight the good fight, all the while searching to find a way home.

There, hope I didn’t give away too much!

Paul Levitz has crafted a tale that is already rich in the history of the New 52. From the Huntress mini-series to the recently canceled Mr.Terrific book, we are already familiar with these characters and their motivations. But now we are privy to parts of their lives we had been previously kept in the dark about, building those, “Ah ha!” moments comic fans all love. Pieces from this tale and other stories converge together, making the scope of Levitz tale brighter and broader than one could have foreseen. But it is the characterization of these two heroines, both singularly and dually, that make this story flow so naturally. It’s as if we are watching two old acquaintances stroll through our door with an incredible tale to tell us after a long hiatus. It is comfortable and engaging, drawing you into a world you already thought you new.

I have always been a fan of George Perez’s art, but this book reminded me of why and just how much I missed it! His skill is fathomless and just keeps getting better! Not that Kevin Maguire’s flashback sequences are anything to scoff at either! It is the duality of theses great artists that help project this book to a higher level!

This story has it’s fingertips on the biggest array of books in the New 52 that I have ever seen! If you are a fan of great art and amazing tales of misplaced heroes — this is the book for you! This “second wave” is bound together tighter than the first one — so get Worlds’ Finest and Earth 2 in tandem! You won’t regret it!