Review: Swamp Thing #6


This is the day the world dies! No one can withstand the Rot, it has chosen it’s Black Queen and she will rule the very fabric of reality!

Snyder’s darkest book to date, Swamp Thing #5, is a complete assault to the senses. Visually traumatic and emotionally jarring, it will nest itself within the recesses of your consciousness, waiting there until you slip into a calming slumber — just to assault you again as you close your eyes! 

Dr. Alec Holland can no longer run from his responsibilities as the avatar of the Green. It is not because he has finally chosen to accept his fate, it is because he no longer has the luxury of a choice. While he has been trying to find answers to a past life, one he can barely remember, the Rot has been moving with urgency against him. A veritable life or death chess match, Alec has lost far too many moves from indecision. Now, all he hears is the whispering voices of the Rot as it utters the word — checkmate!

This book will seize your attention and not let go until you give into it’s overwhelming sickness! Snyder is a classically trained maestro of the horror genre and he is conducting his most disturbing symphony for us right now! Although Yanick Paguette is absent from interior art chores this time around, Marco Rudy does a phenomenal job of rendering the pure viciousness of the book. His style, especially the splash pages, remind me of Tom Mandrake’s work on the Spectre series oh so many years ago. It is perfect for the Vertigo-esque style of this book!

Filled with horrifying revelations and pushing the characters to their breaking points, issue five is now the catalyst for things to come. The road from Snyder’s Swamp Thing to Lemire’s Animal Man is growing ever shorter — you need to get this book now before they converge! Don’t be the last to get to your local comic shop, you may just miss out on this amazing book!