Review: Red Hood and the Outlaws #3


Chaotic, craziness jumps off the pages of Scott Lobdell's fan favorite Red Hood and the Outlaws! But don't get lost in the nexus of insanity, there is an intriguing tale hidden just beneath the surface that allows us to see our "heroes" in a whole new light!

To describe this book in one word would be impossible! There is so much going on throughout the art and the machinations of the tale itself, to tie it down to just one thing. Like a scene pulled straight from Jim Henson's Labyrinth, Jason Todd and his companions enter the Chamber of All to seek revenge upon the Untitled. But they must give up something to S'aru, The Proctor, in order to enter the chamber. Something sacred, something personal, something they may not want their companions to know — their most cherished memories! If they make it out alive, they can have them back, but will they still be cherished after someone else has seen them?

Lobdell throws caution to the wind with this tale. Monsters, mazes and mayhem are the flavor of the day, and Rocafort's art brings an amazing level to the utter insanity! But Rocafort could draw stick figures in a forest and make it look completely spectacular! Though this tale is about our trio looking for clues as to where the Untitled have gone, it is the internal history of each of  them that really makes this book worthwhile. 

As seen through the eyes of the curious Proctor, we glimpse into the fondest memories of our cast. Lobdell creates some shocking scenarios that make us understand and engage with the characters on a more intimate level. It is amazing to see how much characterization Lobdell and Rocafort can squeeze into just a few pages. With mere glimpses, this artistic duo has brought a depth to these characters that is rarely seen — a true testament to their talent.

Don't let this one slip through your hands, Jason Todd's memory alone is well worth the price of admission. And remember kids, this book is not suitable for seven year olds of ANY gender!

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