Review: The New Avengers #23


Bendis‘ “The New Dark Avengers” storyline wraps up here in all its brutal glory! Just when you thought it was safe to assume who the bad guys are – SMASH – Skaar strikes a thunderous blow for the cause of right! The excitement seems to escalate from page one, spreading like wildfire through the entire book!

Say what you will about Mr. Bendis, Marvel’s genius scapegoat sure knows how to amp up the thrill level in any book! Though I do wish the current storyline would have been more of slow burn than a blitzkreig – we just got Norman Osborn back in action people – I am more than happy with its blockbuster conclusion! Bendis gets to placate to every fan by giving each New Avenger a solo battle to showcase their skills. Well, almost a solo battle; my favorite horn head, Daredevil, gets into a couple tag team scuffles! But who am I to complain, at least he gets to grace the cover!

This was all action all the time, and I couldn’t imagine a better ending to the storyline. Though there is a thread of intrigue at the end, this was a pure unadulterated thrill ride of a book. A.I.M. agents getting thrown around, criminals in tights getting trounced, and a secret reveal that we all saw coming, but still cheered all the same! Adrenaline junkies take note — Bendis is the man you seek for action!

As good as the action was, it is the voice that Bendis brings to these characters that I will miss the most when he leaves. Spidey’s wit, the team joking about the Thing’s catchphrase and even the banter of the Dark Avengers, it all makes the characters seem more alive whenever Bendis puts pen to paper. Anyone can write action, but not all can write so we actually care about the characters. Fortunately, for now, we have someone who truly cares about these characters.

So, stop reading this and get the book before it’s gone like a Norman Osborn agenda!