Review: Harbinger #12


Before you read this review you need to ask yourself,” Why do I read comics?” “Is it for the heroes in intense situations?” “Is it for the exceptional writing that makes these situations come to life before your eyes?” “Is it for the depth of character the writer builds upon so that these heroes resonate with us?” “Is it the amazing art that visually draws us into the world the writer has created?”

If you answered,”Yes,” to any of these questions, I have one more for you. “Have you been reading Harbinger?” If you said, “Yes,” then you know how great a book this has been. If you said, “No,” let me change your mind!

Harbinger #12 continues the Harbinger Wars crossover that has been waging through Harbinger, Harbinger Wars and Bloodshot for the last few months. We see Peter Stancheck’s Renegades finally come face to face with the psiots that have escaped from Project Rising Spirit, as well as how these young powerhouses have been dealing with their new found freedom. A clash between these groups is inevitable, children with power to shake the earth are not always welcoming to strangers, but it is the soul, the emotion of this book, not the action, that will truly grip you.

Joshua Dysart writes some of the most compelling characters on the market today. Teamed with the exceptional artistry of Khari Evans, Dysart has not only built visually intriguing characters, but ones that fans can empathize with. These characters have a humanity deeply rooted within their bones, something most super heroes tend to lack. They have fears, hopes and dreams as well as wield godlike powers! They are the everyman living in a scary world with the ability to change it for better or worse.

In this issue we see how manipulation, torture and a life of solitude can change a person. It is unnerving, to see Harada’s early attempts at activating psiots but, it is even worse when Peter meets Chronos and we know the same thing has been done on children! The duality of Chronos and Peter is what drives this tale. Even though Peter did not have an ideal childhood, being institutionalized and left by his mother, he eventually got to live in the outside world, while Chronos did not. Similar to a point, you can see what Peter could have become where it not for his chance for freedom and friendship. Chronos, on the other hand, had no escape until now and the world will pay for the sins committed against him. He is a fascinating character and a true image that Dysart can make every new character as rich and emotionally stirring as the rest!

So, if my little review hasn’t swayed you about Harbinger, I have another idea. For a single dollar you can get yourself the Valiant One Dollar Debut Edition of Harbinger #1. One dollar can open up your eyes to a whole new world of comic greatness. Don’t you think you can spare a dollar to broaden your horizons? I do!