Review: Green Arrow #1 (Krul & Jurgens)


Well, I knew that with changes there will inevitably be some disappointment. But I didn't think it would with this magnitude and from one of my favorite DC writers — J.T. Krul.

Where to begin? Okay, I am not going to pull any punches, it's not fair to you nor me at this point and hopefully I can save you a few bucks. This was a horrible book! From the costume, thank you Smallville, to the haircut, thank you military, to the pitiful secondary characters — this book did not have one good thing going for it. And yes, I like all of the people that worked on this book – especially Krul, but the book that they came up with as a whole reminded me of reading some DC Showcase book from the late eighties! The concept and art were both hokey and were sub par for the caliber of the creators that conceived it.

Green Arrow is one of my favorite DC characters, and I was so excited to have him finally be released from the trappings of the entire Brightest Day nonsense! But this, this — is just so disheartening for a fan that has seen the pinnacle of Krul's writing. Writing that made Ollie Queen breathe with such a resounding voice over the last year. To be given a book that has him fighting third tier characters on a boat while using a bow that retracts from his hand — COME ON!

So far The New 52 is about a fifty-fifty shot. But it's a sure bet that you will definitely miss the mark if you pick up this book!