Review: Fear Itself #6 (of 7)


With thirteen new number ones debuting again this week from DC, it might be easy to forget about some of Marvel's books today. But the book that you should have at the top of your pile as you leave the local comic shop is — Fear Itself #6! This is the penultimate issue of Marvel's blockbuster summer crossover – and you DO NOT want to miss it! 

Fraction has set the stage for the ultimate showdown between the Marvel U. and the Serpent's army, one that will forever change it's landscape for the future. Whether emotionally, physically or mentally drained, Marvel's "Holy Trinity," Cap, Iron Man and Thor, gets a chance to shine in this issue. Fraction once again shows us why these characters can stand the test of time as true icons of the genre. You will stare into the eyes of a broken Steve Rogers, and still be astonished at how overwhelming his bravery is. You will lift the hand of a battered Thor, and know what true power feels like. And you will gasp at the selflessness that exudes through every pore of a once prideful Tony Stark.

Though Matt Fraction has shattered the Marvel U. in six small issues, he has also created one of  the strongest character-centric tales they have done in a very long time. He has taken the pompous attitude out of the super hero genre, and left it with a sense of realism and bravado only found true in life. The depth of character in this book is unfathomable, and you can't help but feel a sense of pride as Cap stands before Odin — spewing orders to a god! Amazing! 

Fraction and Immonen have created an outstanding tale of the calm before the storm. A regrouping of players to see how much resolve they can muster before the darkest of days. The action is sparce, but it is the build up of things to come that overwhelms the reader, giving you the perfect story before the chaos ensues. You will stare at the final page and be overwhelmed with pride – and close the book with a smirk on your face!

On the brink of oblivion, three men stand tall and ready themselves for what may be their last battle. The drums of war have sounded, first blood has been spilt, steel yourself for the endgame — it will rock the world to it's foundations! Damn, it's good to be a comic fan!

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