Reddit User Gets Screwed Out Of Winning The Marvel Coke Mini-Cooper Super Bowl Giveaway



Sunday night during the Super Bowl saw the Ant-Man vs. Hulk Marvel Coke spot released, which was followed up with a viral marketing contest.

The Ant-Man vs Hulk spot happened to include coordinates to a park in Los Angeles, which was a part of a Marvel Coke Mini-Cooper giveaway.


Well, one Reddit fan arrived on the scene, but apparently it was a bit too early as the people hosting the giveaway for the event were unprepared, which seems to have caused this fan the Mini-Cooper prize.

The fan posted on Reddit that the host of the Mini-Cooper giveaway told him to wait, and then the host proceeded to film a Snapchat video of the password phrase needed to win, but the host didn’t inform the Reddit user about needing the phrase. Since the fan was told to wait, the fan stopped looking for additional clues. Another person showed up thirty minutes later with the correct passphrase and won the prize.

Here is the post:

So I was following the viral marketing for the coke/marvel ad that played during the Super Bowl last night and coordinates pointed to Griffith Park, somewhere I live very close to. I drove up and arrived at a parking lot with an RV and a red mini cooper. Someone was filming me as I was trying to figure out what I needed to do next and the host told me to wait, so I sat 15 mins thinking he’d give me follow up info. When he gave me no such thing I began searching around the park thinking it would be hidden, only to find nothing. After an hour of searching, someone pulls up and yells “Make it Mini”

They won the car. I was so confused that it wasn’t until after did I realize this host screwed me over. The final clue was a snapchat vid that he made after I had already arrived. Rather than telling me there was another clue, he told me to wait. Had I not trusted him and tried looking for more info online, I could have probably won the car 30 mins before anyone arrived. I left salty, calling coca-cola and filing a report just so I could have my voice heard. It’s a bummer I came so close to winning something only to be misled at the end.

Regarding the validity of the Redditor’s statements, he says it’s on record by the team at the Mini-Cooper giveaway as he was recorded, and another Redditor showed up on site at the park to back up his claims. 

The Redditor also posted the following images below as proof.

“The fact that he filmed the final clue while I was sitting around expecting to get something after they were done filming says a lot. He walked passed me without a glance,” Reddit user showbizclique posted.

Ant-Man Vs. Hulk Super Bowl Coke spot:

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