Reddit Bans Me


Just signed on to Reddit and received a notice: “Your account has been permanently suspended from Reddit.”

The notice in my inbox says:

Your account has been permanently suspended for breaking the rules.

Be sure to read up on the Reddit content policy to make sure you understand the rules for participating on Reddit. This is an automated message; responses will not be received by Reddit admins.

Checking over the Reddit content policy, since I have a permanent suspension, it was done by Reddit employees:

Site-wide suspensions can only be applied to accounts by employees of Reddit and are done so after review of the actions and the context in which it took place.

Having a look at my posts, I’m not sure what I did wrong. My last post was giving a fan an official image from Disney of Goose from Captain Marvel.

Worth a note is that Reddit never said why I was banned other than for “breaking the rules.”

Update: Reddit ended up sending me a password reset link stating there was “suspicious” activity on my account, and now it is reinstated.

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