Rachel Zegler Frustrated By Men, Apparently

Social media finds the 22-year-old actress in the hot seat regarding recent tweets and retweets.

Social media finds the 22-year-old actress in the hot seat regarding recent tweets and retweets.

Rachel Zegler Frustrated By Men, Apparently

In a series of retweets, it appears that Rachel Zegler, the controversial actress cast in Disney’s version of Show White, is frustrated by men.

The 22-year-old actress retweeted tweets that are blatantly anti-men with the first tweet from a user that states, “this just sent me over my breaking point.”

The tweet features a video of how women lose a sense of purpose by pleasing men, and the video also fits with Rachel Zegler recently stating how she doesn’t like the original Snow White movie and that Prince Charming is a stalker.

The second video she retweeted from another user features Lady Gaga stating “Fuck! God! Fucking Men!”

The third video retweeted from a user also features Laday Gaga stating, “I just feel like my threshold for, like, bullshit with men is it’s just, I don’t have one anymore, I just don’t care.”

According to Google, Rachel Zegler has been dating Josh Andrés Rivera whom she met on the set of West Side Story and who she stars with in the Hunger Games prequel, The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes, so maybe her apparent frustrations with men stem from that.

rachel zegler west side story
Rachel Zegler in West Side Story

Rachel Zegler in the hot seat over Gina Carano

Rachel Zegler also recently found herself in the hot seat on Twitter over recent tweets regarding treating people and how she previously treated Gina Carano, Jeremy Renner, and others, which saw Carano respond.

rachel zegler gina carano tweet 1
'The Little Mermaid' Gutted At Box Office
Halle Bailey as Disney’s Little Mermaid

Rachel Zegler congratulates Disney princesses of color

A recent retweet by Rachel Zegler also sees her retweet “happy disney world princess week to them” which features only Disney princesses of color including Halle Bailey who recently starred in The Little Mermaid.

1937 disney snow white

What did Rachel Zegler say about Snow White?

Regarding what Rachel Zegler said about Snow White, she said Snow White isn’t going to be saved by the prince and won’t be a love story.

“The original cartoon came out in 1937, and very evidently so. There’s a big focus on her love story with a guy who literally stalks her. Weird! Weird! So we didn’t do that this time,” Zegler said.

“We have a different approach to what I’m sure a lot of people will assume is a love story just because we cast a guy in the movie,” Zegler added. “All of Andrew’s scenes could get cut, who knows? It’s Hollywood, baby!”

“I just mean that it’s no longer 1937,” Zegler said, before adding, “She’s not going to be dreaming about true love, she’s going to be dreaming about becoming the leader she knows she can be.”

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