Producer Hints At Spider-Man Avengers Movie Crossover With Mutual Threat



With so many movie studios building comic book universes of their own: Marvel Studios and The Avengers, Fox Studios with X-Men and Fantastic Four, Warner Bros. with Batman and Superman, and Sony with their Spider-Man franchise, fans can’t help but want some kind of huge company-wide crossover.

While we can obviously cross off Warner Bros. from the list (DC Comics is a different comic book company), how about the Marvel film properties which are separated into actually four movie studios (Universal owns the rights to Namor).

In the comics, many of the characters are shared amongst the major super teams, such as Wolverine being an X-Men and a member of the Avengers as well as Spider-Man being a fellow Assembler. Sony and Disney also have a mutual deal which sees Sony granted the film rights to Spider-Man with Disney getting the merchandising rights. 

Seems a no-brainer as an Avengers and Spider-Man crossover would be a win-win, and there has even been hints of such as it’s been reported that Easter Eggs of Oscorp Tower and Stark Tower were set to make appearances in the Amazing Spider-Man and The Avengers, but due to time constraints never made it into the movies. While that never happened, fans still wonder if there ever will be an Amazing Spider-Man and The Avengers movie.


Now the producer on a boat load of Marvel movies including Amazing Spider-Man 2, Avi Arad, teases at least he would want it, which suggests there has been at least internal discussion about the possibility of a Spider-Man Avengers movie. However, fellow producer Matthew Tolmach steps in to crush everyone’s hopes.

“I for one don’t see the value for us in it,” Arad told Total Film Magazine. “I think we’re doing such a good job with the Spider-Man Universe. Spider-Man is arguably the number one character in the world. He shouldn’t make a cameo.” Arad then switches gears, “If there is a natural alliance for some reason…I cannot talk for Sony.”

This is when Tolmach intervenes: “The practical side of it is, look, how many movies have we just talked about? It’s all we can do to build that universe. We’re not going beyond that.”

Maybe not beyond that, yet? 

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The “Amazing Spider-Man 2” swings into theaters May 2nd, 2014 directed by Marc Webb starring Andrew GarfieldEmma Stone, Jamie Foxx, Dane DeHaan, Paul Giamatti, Felicity Jones, Colm Feore, and Chris Cooper as Norman Osborn.

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