Predator Trailer Teased

Predator Trailer Teased

The Predator trailer looks to be coming soon!

Director Shane Black took to social media to post a teaser image on Twitter.

“Shhhh…. He’s coming,” Shane Black said, which references the first teaser pic below stating: “You’ll never see him coming.”


While the image features a wood setting, maybe the Predator can’t be seen because he is using his cloaking camouflage ability (lol)?

In all seriousness, the new movie gets released in September, so the Predator trailer should be released soon.

It also recently became known the film will be scored by Captain America: Civil War composer Henry Jackman.

The movie is set in the suburbs where a group of military veterans encounter a Predator ship.

The Predator will be released September 14, 2018 starring Olivia Munn, Thomas Jayne, Trevante Rhode, Boyd Holbrook, Strerling K. Brown, Keegan-Michael Key, Niall Matter, Yvonne Strahovski, Alfie Allen and Jacob Tremblay.

Predator trailer


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