Pinion Comics Celebrates The Holidays With Free “The Candle Man Christmas Special”

Pinion Comics Celebrates The Holidays With Free "The Candle Man Christmas Special"



PINION COMICS – Just days away from Christmas and Don Everett Smith Jr., the writer and publisher behind Pinion Comics, is giving away for free – “The Candle Man Christmas Special.”

“The comic book was drawn by the talented Ming Wang and colored by the awesome Jesse Samper,” said Smith. “Also, Rusty Gilligan (“Mac and Trouble” and “The Symbol”) also helped get this project off the ground!”

“The Candle Man is a horror character I created who has a touch of the urban legend and just a touch of 1980s horror movie camp,” said Smith. “I specifically wrote a Christmas issue to give away for free.”

About the comic book:

A wealthy CEO is spending his evening berating an employee about wanting to take Christmas off to spend with the family.

Well, it appears the Candle Man will have something to say on the subject.

And it is gruesome!

For the month of December, enjoy the story for free! Consider it a gift from your new friends at Pinion Comics!

Pinion Comics is the publishing imprint from Smith, who has been a writer in the world of independent comic books and small press publishing since about 2009.

Smith’s most famous character is the Vampire, a cursed figure who is seen wandering the Lost Highway in Fort Hawke County.

The Vampire is featured in Pinion Comics’ first comic book issue – EVER – “The Vampire of the Lost Highway: Resurrection” No. 1. And the follow up story features the Candle Man.

To check out the video and pick up your free copy of “The Candle Man Christmas Special” #1, visit PinionComics.Com.

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