No Nick Fury TV Series; Something Bigger Coming To Disney Play

No Nick Fury TV Series; Something Bigger Coming To Disney Play

Disney has big plans for Marvel on their upcoming new streaming app, but it’s not a Nick Fury TV series, but something “bigger.”

It ha already been announced that Marvel Studios (not Marvel TV) is developing two series for the Disney Play streaming app with a Tom Hiddleston Loki series and a Scarlet Witch series.

A rumor hit earlier that Nick Fury was going to get his own show, but apparently it’s not true, as Slash Film shoots it down on Twitter.

“Yes, Disney is working on other Marvel Cinematic Universe shows for their streaming service. But No, from what I’ve heard it’s not a Nick Fury series as reported recently on those unreliable marvel fan sites. It’s something bigger and better. Something more,” Peter Sciretta‏ posted on Twitter. “Oh and to be clear, we haven’t reported what we’ve heard (even though it’s from a good source) because we’ve yet to find a reliable second source for the information and Disney isn’t commenting.”

Regarding whoever made up the rumor, Sciretta claims they aren’t reliable at all: “A broken clock is right twice a day. Dude, this guy just makes things up. People email him and he reports rumors without confirmation. Sometimes some of the things end up being true because they are educated guesses. His Avengers 4 title was reported by a major site months before he tweeted it. So much for a scoop.”

Another fan chimed in that maybe it’s something by Kevin Smith.

“I’ve been wondering the same thing,” Sciretta‏ responded. “I’ve heard the Smith thing is a big franchise at Disney, no idea what it is though.”

Avengers 4

My own guess is that the Nick Fury TV series isn’t happening as it would essentially be Agents of SHIELD 2.0, and we know Marvel Studios is not going to be going in that direction simply to do SHIELD being from Marvel TV, which Feige and Marvel Studios don’t get along with.

The something “bigger” could quite possibly be X-Men related as Disney CEO Bob Iger did previously confirm they have plans for the Fox characters on the Disney Play app. Or how about Fantastic Four? Imagine if they announced a limited TV series for the new Wolverine. Cha-Ching!

Regarding the Avengers 4 title, I first told everybody it was Avengers: End Game, and then an MCU cinematographer updated his resume with the info, but changed it back to Avengers 4; so we’ll have to see if the title sticks.

The Avengers: Annihilation has been thrown out there, but it might have just been a ploy to promote Mark Ruffalo’s charity (think of the Hulk footage in the Infinity War trailers). In addition, I would rather have them save “Annihilation” and Annihilus for a big Cosmic event crossover movie and not waste it with the Avengers.