Netflix Ragnarok Season 3 Sucks: Worst Ending: Don’t Watch

Completely insulting to the fans. Unbelievable and unforgivable.

Completely insulting to the fans. Unbelievable and unforgivable.

Netflix Ragnarok Season 3 Sucks: Worst Ending: Don't Watch

Don’t bother watching Ragnarok Season 3 on Netflix as the ending sucks and is an insult to fans and is one of the worst endings ever, and they should have just ended with Season 2.

I’m not kidding. It’s that bad.

The series is a take on the Thor mythos set in present-day Norway with all the characters and gods you would expect. There are the gods with, of course, Thor and his mighty hammer, his brother Loki, Odin, Heimdall, Baldur, and more, and they battle against the “giants” who are the villains of the series that run a local corporation.

The first two seasons are really good and offer a cool and unique approach to Thor that something like MCU fans wouldn’t be expecting. I actually liked it a lot better than Thor: Love and Thunder!

However, Ragnarok took a huge dive with Season 3, which I am guessing has to do with Netflix telling them it would be the last but that is no excuse for what happened with Season 3.

ragnarok season 3 giants

Note: Spoilers follow.

So as the first two seasons developed the series as the characters are the reincarnated versions of the gods and giants whose destiny is to battle for the fate of the entire planet — Season 3 completely wipes that all out!

Get this! The last episode reveals that Magne (Thor) is a schizo and that the entire series has been all in his head! Yep! He read some comic books as a kid and everything we saw in all the episodes took place in his head. All the Thor stuff never happened! The first two seasons everybody watched and all the episodes of Season 3 never happened! WTF?!

Reddit and Twitter are currently up in arms over Ragnarok Season 3 and how it spits in the face of the fans. I was livid last night after finishing the series and took to Twitter to voice my thoughts (see below).

Ragnarok Season 3 is fucking atrocious and fucking SUCKS!

What’s fucked up is after watching the final episode, you’re left scratching your head wondering what the fuck just happened. Did they really just do that?

Yep, they sure as fuck did!

ragnarok season 3 sucks

It was all imaginary

Mogens Hagedorn, the director of the episodes replied to a fan on Instagram who questioned, “Was it all imaginary?”

Growing up, Magne was an extremely shy and introverted kid, that used to hide in his own imaginary world. When he came to Edda and met Isolde, his first friend, something started to grow within him.

All the super natural elements in the story has only taken place inside his childish and unmature head, but all characters exist in the real world, and Isolde really died.

In the end, when Magne’s fantasy Thor dies, he is set free. He has now matured in the real world, and finally he is ready to feel real love, not as a child, but as a young man.

It is his personal Ragnarok: the old world has to die, so a new world can emerge.

Isolde, who inspired him to start his maturing process, will always be his guardian angel, hence in the very end she whispers: “I will always be with you”.

What a fucking joke, dude!

ragnarok rotten tomatoes

While last night I was pissed, now that time has passed I am actually laughing in regards to how badly the show ended (nah I’m still fn pissed).

What sucks is you put time into watching something and in the FINAL episode, it turns out to be complete garbage.

To be honest, all the episodes of Season 3 aren’t any good, but the last episode featured the “big reveal” and big fuck you to the fans. No! FUCK YOU!!!

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