Choose Your Own Adventure Publisher Suing Netflix Over Black Mirror: Bandersnatch


It’s learned the publisher behind the popular “Choose Your Own Adventure” series of books is suing Netflix over their recent interactive Black Mirror: Bandersnatch movie for trademark and copyright violations.

The problem lies with the fact that Netflix has been promoting the movie as a “Choose Your Own Adventure,” which is a trademarked brand.

In addition, the lead character, whom viewers take control of and who designs a video game based on the “Bandersnatch ” fantasy novel, describes the novel in the film as a “Choose Your Own Adventure book.”

The lawsuit further reveals that Netflix and the publisher were in talks for the rights to use “Choose Your Own Adventure” but the deal didn’t go through; Chooseco is asking for $25 million in damages.

The “Choose Your Own Adventure” brand is a series of novels that became popular in the ’80s giving the reader different choices in the book. What is fun about the series is that not only would it offer different stories with each decision, but readers could go back and change their choice depending on the outcome.

While “Choose Your Own Adventure” might seem like a common household name, think of it along the lines of something like a Dungeons & Dragons, which is an RPG game. All RPG games can’t use D&D as part of their name or in promotion. Similarly, a burger restaurant can’t use McDonald’s, a car company wouldn’t be able to use Ford, etc.

Growing up, I can recall that in my school library, the Choose Your Own Adventure “The Third Planet From Altair” book was a big favorite among us and always had a large waiting list.

Choose Your Own Adventure Third Planet From Altair

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