Michael Shannon Turned Down Star Wars & Marvel


michael shannon turned down star wars marvel movie Michael Shannon Turned Down Star Wars & Marvel

Michael Shannon, known for playing DC’s General Zod in Man of Steel and Batman Vs. Superman, lets it be known he was at one time up to play a role in a Star Wars or Marvel film.

While speaking with Fandango, which includes mention he fell asleep watching Batman Vs. Superman, Michael Shannon lets it be known it would have been a major role for the Star Wars or Marvel movie.

“No, I’m not really looking for that,” Michael Shannon responded when questioned if he had any interest in a Star Wars or Marvel movie. “They called me recently about some iteration – I won’t say – but some version of a movie that’s been made already countless times. They were gonna give me a lot of of money, but I was like nah. Big movie, too. But I have to think it’s an interesting story. If I don’t, I can’t do it. I won’t do it.”

Obviously from Michael Shannon’s response he thinks the Star Wars or Marvel movie in question didn’t have an “interesting story,” which is the reason he turned it down.

Regarding which Star Wars or Marvel movie Michael Shannon turned down, he says it’s been “made already countless times.” Which movie could he be referring to? I wonder if it’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which was unoriginal as it rehashed basically everything from the George Lucas Star Wars movies. Or what about Star Wars: Episode VIII? Maybe Michael Shannon was up for the role that went to Benicio Del Toro? 

Of course, it could also be any Marvel movie as they basically all share the same storyline (Zack Snyder refers to them as “popcorn” movies).