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Michael Bay Wants Lower Budget Lobo Movie

Matt McGloinPosted: 02/09/2018 - 15:39
Michael Bay Wants Lower Budget Lobo Movie

Yesterday saw it revealed that a Lobo movie is in the works with Michael Bay eyed to direct.

Michael Bay has reportedly offered notes on the Lobo movie which Wonder Woman scribe Jason Fuchs is using to turn into a script in the hopes of cementing the deal with Bay.

Now THR offers an update in that the current script of Lobo would require a whopping $200 million budget, something that both WB and Bay are said to be not keen on.

It's noted a rewrite will happen which would scale down the Lobo movie while still keeping the director’s interest.

Lobo has been in the works at WB for years with Will Smith and Dwayne Johnson having been attached to the project and directors Guy Richie and Brad Peyton.

Lobo is the "Main Man" at DC Comics and is an alien bounty hunter with an attitude. 

DC Comics describes Lobo as:

For the men and women who earn their keep capturing intergalactic criminals and wrongdoers, life throughout the universe is cheap. But that doesn’t mean there’s not good money to be made in the taking of it, and when it comes to killing, there are few better than Lobo—the most brutally effective bounty hunter in the galaxy.