Michael Bay Directing Transformers 5; Says It’s His Last



Michael Bay has confirmed he is directing Transformers 5 as well as mentioning it will be for the last time.

In the interview in which Bay confirmed Krang for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2, Bay told Rolling Stone, “I’m doing Transformers … 5, is it?” while joking about the amount of work he has taken on.

Bay later remarked it will be his last time directing Transformers with: “Transformers, I still have a great time. It’s fun to do a movie that 100 million people will see. But this is the last one. I have to pass the reins to someone else.” 

Little is known about the fifth Transformers movie, which is to begin filming this year for a 2017 release, but Mark Wahlberg is confirmed to be returning.

Paramount is also building a Transformers shared universe with Parts 6,7, and 8 said to be in development in addition to a Transformers animated Cybertron origin story that makes up the next ten years worth of stories.