Marvel Reveals New Woke Sentry: Disabled POC Female

Marvel Comics has once again replaced an original character with a politically correct version that makes zero sense.

Marvel Comics has once again replaced an original character with a politically correct version that makes zero sense.

marvel woke sentry disabled poc female


  • Marvel introduces a new version of the character Sentry in the comics
  • The new Sentry is a woman named Mallory, who is disabled and a POC
  • Misty Knight helps Mallory to be the new version

Coming soon to the MCU?!

Marvel Comics has revealed its new woke Sentry which follows the completion of the four-issue Sentry comic book series by Jason Loo and Luigi Zagaria.

In that series, the original version, Robert Reynolds is dead, but per the description “ordinary people all over the world are suddenly manifesting his powers and experiencing snippets of Bob Reynolds’ memories.”

Well, those “ordinary people” happen to include Farhad, Mallaroy, and Ryan.

marvel comics sentry 4

What happens?

The gist of the story, I guess, is that blond white dude Ryan ends up killing most of the people who have Sentry powers and stealing their powers for himself, so he can be the last one standing.

Blond white dude Ryan kills most of them, but in his way happens to stand Misty Knight, Jessica Jones, and Mallory Gibbs, as well as a bunch of Sentry ghosts.

sentry ghosts

Ryan is a “super fan” and Mallory is “more heroic”

According to Comic, “Ryan believes himself to be a Sentry super fan, but he’s obviously going about it the wrong way.”

The site also adds, “You can already tell Mallory is more heroic than Ryan when she takes time from their battle to try and save civilians.” 

So, apparently what happens is that somehow Mallory gets into Ryan’s head where the ghosts of the other Sentry’s “together with Mallory, they tag team Ryan.”

No, not in that way.

marvel woke sentry mallory

Mallory is Marvel’s new Sentry

The ghosts help Mallory defeat Ryan where Mallory gets all their powers, and Mallory is the new Sentry.

However, Mallory happens to feel guilty about all the people that got killed, so even though she didn’t kill them, she decides to turn herself over to Misty Knight and the Aberrant Crimes Division.

Well, “as a fellow disabled hero,” Misty Knight apparently agrees not to arrest or charge Mallory but to train Mallory as the new Sentry.

In the end, Mallory decides to ditch the Sentry name and go with “Solarus.”

The Sentry will be appearing in the MCU’s Thunderbolts, played by Lewis Pullman, who happens to be said to be getting killed off at the end of the movie.

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